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New IT Audit Fundamentals Certificate from ISACA Helps Professionals Launch Careers

Eagle-Tribune 09 Aug 2022
The ISACA IT Audit Fundamentals Certificate does not require any prior experience and fills this gap ... The certificate’s content areas include performing an audit, IT general controls, and specific audit areas such as networking, operating systems, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and the internet of things (IoT).

Offchain Labs Announces Launch of Arbitrum Nova Chain

Victoria Advocate 09 Aug 2022
When combined with Arbitrum One, which is designed for DeFi and NFT projects, Arbitrum now features two chains running live on mainnet that together offers an ideal solution for all blockchain use cases ... certifications to Ethereum, resulting in significant cost savings for users.

10 Interesting NFT Facts

Bitcoin Chaser 06 Aug 2022
A non-fungible token (NFT), is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain. Essentially it is a method of creating a digital certificate of ownership of a digital artwork or asset that can be bought, sold and used on the associated blockchain ... It was called ‘Quantum’ and was minted on the NameCoin blockchain.

MSBSD adopts blockchain to issue diploma certificates

Inside Bitcoins 05 Aug 2022
MSBSD utilized the LegitDoc platform to develop the virtual certificates on the Polygon blockchain. According to the co-founder of LegitDoc, Neil Martis, the virtual certificates cannot tamper with because it’s recorded on the blockchain ... For MSBSD, this is the first time the board will issue virtual certificates to students.

Maharashtra issues 100,000 plus verifiable diplomas on Polygon blockchain

Indian Express 04 Aug 2022
Blockchain has ... “Given the requirement of MSBSD to digitise its credentialing system and its past success in implementing blockchain use cases, the Maharashtra government decided to issue blockchain-based diploma certificates,” said Mithun John, Joint CEO of MSINS.

Fascinating Projects in the Cannabis and Digital Space

North Forty News 03 Aug 2022
Blockchain, Social media, and Cryptocurrency are just a few of the emerging technologies that are revolutionizing the industry ... The blockchain technology is being used by many companies to create a cryptocurrency for the cannabis and digital space ... Blockchain ... For now, the government is the main hurdle in using blockchain for cannabis.


Victoria Advocate 03 Aug 2022
NEW YORK, Aug ... They use recycled raw materials and continuously invest in research and alternative packaging solutions ... operations. "Every bottle of EVOO we deliver is traceable from plant to bottle thanks to a combination of technology, with a BlockChain platform built by Oracle and third-party certifications like the ISO2205 by Bureau Veritas." ... ....

MIT issues blockchain-powered degree certificates to 2,212 students

Hindustan Times 28 Jul 2022
Students with the blockchain-powered degree certificates.

Blockchain Labs Invests in the TOPL Ecosystem

Kentucky New Era 27 Jul 2022
Beyond its core blockchain protocol, TOPL also offers services that include a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) solution and software development kits (SDKs), equipping users and technology partners with simplified tools to drastically cut certification costs and create trust and transparency around impact and sustainability initiatives.

Topl Raises $15M Series A Funding Led by Mercury, Republic Asia and Cryptology

The Facts 26 Jul 2022
Beyond its core blockchain protocol, the company’s offerings include a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) solution and software development kits (SDKs), equipping users and technology partners with simplified tools to drastically cut certification costs and produce unprecedented trust and transparency around impact and sustainability initiatives.

CEX.IO Spotlight: Algorand (ALGO)

Cex 26 Jul 2022
Algorand is a decentralized blockchain-based protocol that offers a smart contract platform with high throughput and network performance ... As only one block proposal reaches the certification stage, the chance of creating a fork is extremely rare in the Algorand blockchain.

These startups seek to close the supply-and-demand gap for recycled plastics

GreenBiz 25 Jul 2022
Circularise, founded in 2016 in The Hague, Netherlands, plays a different role, helping buyers and sellers to determine the origins and ingredients of a variety of materials, including recycled and renewable plastics, through its blockchain technology ... And Circularise uses blockchain to make those certifications easier and faster.

Saudi Chemicals Producer SABIC Launches Blockchain Pilot Project

Bitcoin 22 Jul 2022
A Saudi Arabian chemicals manufacturer, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), recently said it had launched a blockchain pilot project in conjunction with the technology firm Finboot ... The blockchain pilot is expected to reduce costs and time, as well as improve data integration, the statement said ... Potential of Blockchain.

Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII NFTs Are Stupid Little Things

Kotaku 21 Jul 2022
While we’re still waiting/dreading to see what Square Enix’s NFT plans are when it comes to video games, the publisher has today announced that its latest blockchain tokens are going to be related to some physical Final Fantasy VII merch ... You can also get a certificate of authenticity for both, again as a token on the blockchain.

Square Enix Is Selling a Cloud Strife Action Figure...That's Also an NFT

IGN Insider 21 Jul 2022
Square Enix announced that the upcoming Cloud Strife figurine will include an NFT as part of the purchase – using the blockchain as a digital certificate of authenticity as well as a “digital version of the figure.” ... “Both digital certificate of authenticity and digital version of the figure are managed by the block chain technology known as NFTs.

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